A Change Of Plans

Well, it’s been three weeks and a lot has changed. You might recall that I have been training for my first marathon since before having my son and I have a big goal—to go sub 4 hours. The race I have been planning on running, the Indianapolis Marathon, is near and dear to my heart. It was my very first race and very first marathon—and yes, my first race was a marathon—and I have run that race 6 times. 4 times I’ve done the full marathon and twice I’ve done the half. Obviously, I wouldn’t keep coming back if it wasn’t an amazing race, well planned with great spectators and a beautiful course. So that’s why I was planning to tackle 26.2 again there on October 18th. But then, this happened:

San Francisco, here I come!
San Francisco, here I come!

I’m BEYOND excited for this race. Not only is it a Nike Women’s series event, it’s in SAN FRANCISCO. As someone who has never been to Cali and rarely ever leaves Indiana, I’m dying to go. But that means waving goodbye to the race I’ve loved for years, since these two races are the same weekend. I love ya Indy Marathon, but I have to go have a fling with the Nike Women’s Half. I’ll be back next year, and I’m sure I’ll appreciate your “hills” much more after conquering San Francisco’s.

So, I’m stoked to head out to California for this race—see what I did there? I’m even using Cali slang now—but I still want to run a full marathon this fall. I’ve already started full training, why quit now? So I’ve decided to toe the line at another race I love, The Indianapolis Monumental Marathon on November 1st. It’s close to home, so no travel fees are required. Plus, it’s a flat, fast course which will seem like a breeze after the brutal inclines of SF and might make hitting my sub-4 goal even easier.

So those are my adjusted plans, now on to training. I’m definitely out of the honeymoon phase of Marathon training and on to the “I’m exhausted and don’t have time to run for 3 hours phase.” Add to that the fact that I have to incorporate hill training once a week—I HATE hill training—and the result is a less excited, crankier Molly.


Sweaty, slightly cranky. Most likely hangry.
Sweaty, slightly cranky. Most likely hangry.

But, once I again I have to remind myself that I WANT to do this. No one is making me. I want to run these races and so I have to do the work to make them happen. It’s just not always as fun as just running without a goal race can be.

Anyway, my most-days-of-the-week runs have been steady between 5-8 miles, though often this mileage comes from two runs. Usually this works out to 2-4 miles at lunch 2-6 miles in the evening. As for long runs, I ran 17 3 weeks ago, took two weeks off from long runs then did another 17 today (4 minutes faster than my first 17!). Hopefully, I’ll get a 20 in next weekend while we’re on vacation at my parent’s lake house in Northern Michigan, or possibly the day before we leave. I’m feeling semi-confident as far as long runs go, as these two 17s were both pretty decent. But talk to me after the first 20, I’ll most likely have a much more negative outlook.

Max is not impressed with my excessive running talk.


So that’s my change of plans and current training status. What about you? Are you training for a fall race? Have you had any changes to your planning?


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