Off Season Goals

Pre-run smiles with my lil' man
Pre-run smiles with my lil’ man

I’m still riding high from last week’s happy race and shiny new PR, and I’m ready to set some goals to get me through the off-season and ready for racing next spring.

I’ve never been this energized about running after a race before. In fact, there have been a number of races where I haven’t even wanted to think about racing ever again for months. I DNF’d the Kentucky Derby Marathon 2008 and basically swore off racing for the next year and a half. I was worn out, mentally and physically, and the thought of training for any other races and not meeting my goals was too much to think about.

Still rockin' my Monumental Marathon beanie!
Still rockin’ my Monumental Marathon beanie!

I feel the exact opposite about this race. I have a newfound confidence after meeting my last goal and I now know that with training and focus, I can meet my next big goalβ€”a BQ next spring at the Carmel Marathon.

Training for this race won’t start until January, but until then, I don’t want to fall off track. So in order to meet my big “A” goal next spring, I have a few little goals to get me through the holidays with (some) fitness intact.

1. Run a fun race or two in November and December

I’m looking at the Drumstick Dash on Thanksgiving and the Santa Hustle Half Marathon on December 21. Fun, shorter distance races will keep my motivation up and offset the negative effects of all the baked goods I’ll be inhaling this season.

2. Get Stronger

I hate strength training. It bores me, I’m not good at it, and whenever I actually do it I’m so sore for like a week that I never want to do it again. I’m going to re-focus and try to do short, full-body strength workouts 3x per week. Anything is better than nothing, and I know if I stick to it I’ll stop getting so sore! Plus, since I’m not starting marathon training until January, I don’t have any excuse for skipping strength sessions.

3. Get a Treadmill

Less daylight means less opportunity to take Max out in the jogging stroller after work. And if this winter is anything like last winter with the post-apocalyptic sub-zero temperatures, the jogging stroller is going to be in storage for a long time. A treadmill at home will be perfect, as I can run before Max gets up in the morning or after he goes to bed and I don’t have to worry about whether it snowed 10 inches the night before. Β I’m already doing my research and trying to find a good one, but if you have suggestions (or know of someone selling a gently used one) let me know!

The adorable view from above my jogging stroller. That foot! I'm going to miss this when its -8000 degrees this winter.
The adorable view from above my jogging stroller. That little hand! I’m going to miss this when its -8000 degrees this winter.

4. Cut Back on Sweets

I have a serious sweet tooth. It will be pretty challenging for me to cut out sweets altogether, especially during the holidays, but I’m going to try to cut back some. I’m going to enjoy the sweets that only come around once a year, like my mother-in-law’s banana cream pie, and say no to stuff I can have any old time. And I’m going to stop buying candy to keep at home. If I don’t see it, I’m less likely to want to eat it.

I’m hoping that these goals help me to avoid falling off the wagon and keep me fit for marathon training next year!

On another note, I’m tapering “up” right now as I recover from the Monumental Marathon. I had some soreness the day after, but have been feeling really good since two days after and beyond. Here’s what my week in running looked like:

Running Recap 11/3-11/9

Monday 11/3: 3 miles easy with the jogging stroller after work

Tuesday 11/4: 4.25 miles easy treadmill, late night at the gym

Wednesday 11/5: 6 miles easy at Fort Harrison, lunchtime

Thursday 11/6: 4.5 miles easy after work

Friday 11/7: 5 miles easy, AM

Saturday 11/8: 1 mile very easy with jogging stroller, really tired

Sunday 11/9: 2.5 miles easy in the AM w/jogging stroller, 3 mile fartlek in the afternoon

Happy Running!

Do you set goals in the off-season? Any treadmill buying tips?


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