Resetting My Running Clock

I’m an afternoon/evening/late night runner. I used to do the morning thing, but scheduling conflicts 6 years ago led me to push my workouts to later in the day. And that was fine, I adjusted and became a PM runner.

Lately though, I’m really struggling with the nighttime running schedule. Many nights, I don’t get Max down until after 9. By the time I’ve tidied and done dishes, I’m starting my run at 10 or so. This puts me going to sleep well after 12 and starting the next day exhausted.

And sometimes Max and I just fall asleep together…

To put it mildly, this isn’t really working out.

So I’m trying to reset my running clock. It’s been very challenging because my current schedule is a vicious cycle. I run late at night, then I try to get up early to reset. I sleep in because I was up late running, so I have to do my run late again. And so on and so on and I’m falling asleep while blow-drying my hair.

I needed a change. One of my New Year’s resolutions was to become a morning runner again. And since I’m a procrastinator, I just got around to starting this goal πŸ™‚ F for effort, Molly.

The excuses had to stop. I finally managed to start a new cycle last Friday. Thursday was a day off from running, and I diligently went to bed early (!) my alarm went off at 5:30 and while I didn’t exactly bounce out of bed, I managed to stumble out, wipe the drool from my face and get going.

Doesn't everyone set 4 alarms? No? Just me?
Doesn’t everyone set 4 alarms? No? Just me?

It’s been 4 mornings now and it’s starting to feel a little more natural. I like enjoying my evenings without having to stress about squeezing in my run. I like having a glass of wine at dinner and not worrying about how it will affect my workout. It’s pretty liberating!

Dare I say it, but I might actually be turning into a morning runner again! Until the next time real life interferes with my running life πŸ™‚

When do you run? Have you ever had to reset your internal running clock?


7 thoughts on “Resetting My Running Clock

  1. yay for morning running.!! Good job on changing your schedule, that can be hard to do sometimes. I’ve found that morning runs work best with being a mom, don’t feel guilty about taking time away from your little one, and don’t have to go out too late on runs.

  2. I need some morning motivation…. I’ve never been able to run early in the mornings. I can’t believe you can run at 10:00 at night though, that seems like it would be just as hard!! I usually run when I get home from work around 6 or 7, but I don’t have kids. It’s really inspiring to see moms who find time to run and balance everything else!!!

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