Another Early Run and My New Running Buddy


Another day, another morning run. Hoping I can keep this early morning run thing going! I think I read somewhere that it takes 2 weeks for something to become a habit, so I’ve still got some time to go, but things are definitely getting easier.

I did 6 easy miles on my garage treadmill 🙂 It’s actually a new (to me) treadmill, because the one I purchased in November from Craigslist had a bum belt. And yes, that’s the technical term.

I’m not really sure what’s wrong with the old tready, but it always made a horrible, obnoxiously loud squeaking sound and the belt often skipped, causing me to almost fall off multiple times per mile. I didn’t realize how bad it was until my husband saw me running on it and told me something was really wrong with it. Oops.

Unrelated adorableness

He messed around with the belt, but couldn’t figure out the exact problem. When he tried to run on it, the belt would barely move. I could still keep the belt moving, but he thought maybe he just weighed too much for it. Keep in mind, my husband weighs 165lbs, so the belt should have been able to handle him 🙂

We looked into having it repaired and/or replacing the belt, but this was going to be pretty costly, especially since I payed very little for it. Our wonderful friends had a treadmill just taking up space in their garage, so now it’s my new running buddy.

Don't you love my running view? Sometimes when I'm bored I count the holes in the pegboard. I also read celebrity gossip magazines while I'm running - doesn't everyone?
Don’t you love my running view? Sometimes when I’m bored I count the holes in the pegboard. I also read celebrity gossip magazines while I’m running – doesn’t everyone?

It’s amazing how much smoother this ‘mill is. I can’t believe I didn’t realize how jacked up (another technical term) my old treadmill was! I also had some tightness in my right hip that only popped up the day after a treadmill run. It would go away if I didn’t use the treadmill for a few days, then would come back with a vengeance when I used the ‘mill again. I think the skipping belt was definitely throwing off my gait!

Needless to say, I’m thrilled with my new partner in crime and so thankful for our friends who were able to help me out. As someone who has to do a lot of runs on the treadmill while my husband is working and the kiddo is sleeping, this thing is a lifesaver.

I’m off to lay around, read a good book and eat candy. Oh wait, no – I’m actually headed to work. A girl can dream, right?


6 thoughts on “Another Early Run and My New Running Buddy

  1. YAY for a new treadmill.! that’s exciting. Sometimes I wish I could get one (we live on the top floor of an apartment) but than I remember how much I hate them, haha.
    What’s your son eating.!?? boom chicka pop.? never heard of it

    1. I feel your pain! I lived in a top floor apartment for a long time, it’s nice because you don’t hear your neighbors – but they hear you! Haha yep it’s called Boom Chicka Pop – I found it in the health/natural foods section at Kroger ( grocery store in Indiana, not sure if they are in any other states?) I dunno how “healthy” is is but it’s non-GMO and vegan and little man loves it!

      1. mmm. sounds interesting.! No Krogers here that I’m aware of, but other health foods stores 🙂

  2. Yeah, the waking up early one takes some time to get used to, more than a couple of weeks. I’ve been getting up at 4:30 (or earlier) for going on 15 years now. It took, maybe six months for that to become normal, but I’m still dealing with issues related to it from time to time.

  3. Hooray for getting a new treadmill! That’s awesome. My treadmill view isn’t any better than yours either. It’s in the garage facing the water boiler haha.

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