8 Minute Abs

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If you need a laugh, Search YouTube or Google for 8 minute abs. I dare you not to laugh at that ’80s goodness.

So I did 8 min abs last night, but NOT the cheesy ’80s VHS-ready version. I did the slightly less cheesy, at least it’s made in this millennium version. It’s later in the YouTube search results, which I guess makes it less popular than the neon and spandex clad version. Apparently I’m not the only one who likes to laugh at old-school workout vids.

That workout was no joke. For real. I’m feeling it today. That ab session + my all time favorite workout DVD last night and I’m struggling for real. Like, I am captain of the struggle ship. I am also a total loser for just writing that πŸ™‚

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My takeaway from last night’s strength training binge: Do more strength training. Like on a regular basis. The BS random planks, girl push-ups and squats I’ve been doing whenever I feel like it (AKA never) just aren’t cutting it. I need a more serious strength training regimen.

DUH. I know this and I always say it but seriously, I need to strength train more. That’s another one of my New Year’s resolutions that I’m just now starting. Procrastination/laziness at its finest.

Anyway, it’s time to limp off to work. I’m not looking forward to the stairs….

Do you strength train?

Any favorite workouts you suggest (Bonus points if said workout includes cheesy 1980s music and lots of neon)?

How does a cardio addict motivate themselves to pick-up some weights?

I need help!


15 thoughts on “8 Minute Abs

  1. I used to despise strength training but I love it now! I would highly recommend trying out a BodyPump class if you go to a gym that offers it. This is basically weight training in a group fitness setting. The class emphasizes high repetitions and low weights, making it perfect for cardio addicts that want to stay lean! Also, it’s a ton of fun

  2. This is so funny… When I was in college I used to do this video 2 or 3 nights a week! We also did 8 minute buns… Another classic. Me and my roommates thought it was hilarious but it really does work!!

    1. Love this tip. Gotta keep it away from the little one, or I could see them being dropped on my toes. lol

  3. struggle ship. haha. it’s ok, I was totally sore after my first ever yoga session..ahh I’m weak. I need to strength train more also. let’s do it.!

  4. Hey Molly, I really like your blog! Please keep posting as often as you can =) I know it can be hard with a little one, and trying to manage the runner-working-mom juggling act.

  5. Also…do you know the name of the shorts you bought for the NWM (the ones that fall down)?? I like that style of short.

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