I Spoke Too Soon


I was on a roll with the whole getting up early thing and I even felt the need to tell the world, then I missed two days in a row (yesterday and today). Whoops.

Yesterday I was so sore when I woke up, I could barely move. Little man was at my in-law’s house and wasn’t getting dropped off until 6:15, so I was able to squeeze in an easy 6.5 miles post-work and not miss out on any quality time with the kiddo.

I’m not going to lie, that run was tough. My muscles were a little looser from moving around all day, but I was still pretty sore. Plus, it felt downright tropical out thanks to the warm weather and humidity brought on by spring storms. It was pretty tough to get through at my usual everyday pace (between 8:30 and 8:45 lately). I think my average pace for the whole run was a 9:05. It was just a tough run.

This morning, I slept through my alarm. How does one do that? Well, I normally set about a million alarms—or 5—but today I was lazy and set my early alarm for 5:30 AM and nothing else. Not a smart move Molly.

I woke up at 7:15 to sounds of The Cheese (another nickname for my little guy) stirring. Whoops again. Which is why my run will be done tonight at 10 PM 🙂 Plus, I had no time to do my hair, so I had to go au natural. That’s becoming a theme around here.

Frizzy hair, don't care.
Frizzy hair, don’t care.

On the bright side this week, there have been a few exciting things going on: I got some new workout clothes and a new phone! I was at Nordstrom Rack looking for jeans and found some great deals on running stuff, so I had to scoop them up. P.S. Don’t tell my husband 🙂

Blue tank and both pairs of capris are Zelle, Pink tank is Nike
Blue tank and both pairs of capris are Zella, Pink tank is Nike

Plus, it’s FRIDAY! We’ve had a stormy week here in Indy, but it’s going to blue skies all weekend long. Wooohooo!

What are you up to this weekend?


3 thoughts on “I Spoke Too Soon

  1. oh no.! well just hop on the morning person train again and it’ll just be a slight hiccup. 😛
    cuuuteee tops.! I’ve been looking at getting something like that for my half marathon.
    I’ll be working this weekend but I’ll get my runs and hopefully time with my little girl.

      1. Have a great weekend also 🙂 P.S I skipped my morning run today too :p

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