No Place I’d Rather Be

I've eaten healthy all week, so I deserve a donut dammit! Oh wait, it's only Tuesday...
I’ve eaten healthy all week, so I deserve a donut dammit! Oh wait, it’s only Tuesday…

Only four days left until the weekend! Is it bad that I’m already counting down? Yes, yes it is. It’s sort of like saying “I only have 25 miles left” after the first mile of a marathon. Not good.

Anyway, today’s plan was to get up between 5:30-6:00 and get my ass outside to watch the sunrise and get some miles in.

What actually happened? My sweet boy started screaming right around 5:30. Not like a little whimper like he usually does before he falls right back to sleep, but a full on wail complete with “Mama, Mama, need Mama!” Yes, he literally said “Need Mama.” My heart melted.

How could I leave him there with that going on? Poor guy. I’m not sure what was wrong—bad dream? Tummy hurt? Lonely? I don’t know. I feel like parenthood thus far has been a guessing game, and I never really know if I got the answer right.

Needless to say, I went and got my sweet boy. We lay down on the couch together and he fell back to sleep almost immediately, as did I.

While I love a good morning run, this morning was pure bliss. I know that these moments with my almost 2-year-old (!) are dwindling. I’ll take all the snuggles I can get, even if it means less running.

Being with this guy > running
❤ this guy

So, yeah. No run yet today. Chances of running today: 25%. I could possibly squeeze in a few miles at lunch, but then I’ll be stinky for an afternoon meeting. I’ll have to weigh my options on that one and make a decision ASAP. We have a rare date night to a Pacer’s game tonight, so my only other chance will be to run on the ‘mill after the game.

Maybe my chances of running today are more like 10%…

Are you running or training today? Or did your plans change like mine?


11 thoughts on “No Place I’d Rather Be

  1. I’m going to try to run, even though I ended up sleeping for a long time – which, if you’ve read my posts, is good because I’ve had terrible insomnia lately. Anyways, a day or two off per week isn’t bad – at least you’re running! 🙂

  2. Aw it’s ok to take days off from running. I’m glad you got to treasure the time with your little guy. Sometimes life gets in the way of running but it’s worth it when that moment is truly special ❤

  3. awe. poor little guy. That’s the hardest thing about the toddler stage, they can’t exactly tell you what’s wrong.. yup the guessing game.
    I did run today..not too bad of a run either. 🙂
    Have a great date night, that sounds like fun.!!!

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