Getting Back To Running After A Baby

This has only been used 10 million times on the internet, but whatever. Just pretend you've never seen it before :)
This has only been used 10 million times on the internet, but whatever. Just pretend you’ve never seen it before 🙂

Happy Hump Day! This day is actually almost over, which makes it practically Thursday, which is practically Friday. We’re almost there! I want to talk a little bit about getting back to running after pregnancy. I definitely want to do sort of a series on this, as I know it’s different for everyone. I’ll talk about how I got back into running soon, and you can read more about my running during my pregnancy in the Bump On The Run section, but today I want to talk about my amazing sister.

My sister and I on my wedding day, 2010
My sister and I on my wedding day, 2010

This weekend, she’ll be running the Carmel Marathon, her 18th marathon (she’s also an Ironman!), just 6 months after giving birth. Can you believe how awesome she is? She blows me away on a regular basis.

Sisters after The Indianapolis Marathon 2010
Sisters after The Indianapolis Marathon 2010

Running her 18th marathon alone is a huge deal, but I think the fact the she’s running one when she has a six-month-old is also amazing. What’s even more impressive to me is that she didn’t run during most of her pregnancy. This was doctor’s orders, so she stuck to low impact stuff like the elliptical and weights. And yet, even with that hiatus, she was able to get back to the sport she loves after giving birth, and to get marathon mileage in on top of that.

Us at the Carmel Marathon 2012...I wish I had some better running related pics of us!!!
Us at the Carmel Marathon 2012…I wish I had some better running related pics of us!!!

So, for anyone who is sidelined from her favorite activities during pregnancy, there is hope. You’ll be back at doing what you love, whether that’s running marathons or doing triathlons or racing on your mountain bike, after you have your baby. The drive that you had doesn’t just disappear once your bundle of joy arrives; in fact, I think for many it becomes even stronger. I know for me, I needed running because I felt like I was losing some of myself. With a newborn, I was constantly doing something for my sweet baby and I just needed 45 mins or so a day to just run. Whether you’re able to continue running or not when you are pregnant, just know that you can continue your active lifestyle after baby comes. It might be a little more difficult to find the time, but you can make it happen. The cheese and I will be cheering on my sister at the finish line this Saturday morning at the Carmel Marathon. Cheese’s Gymboree class is conveniently in Carmel as well, so as soon as it’s over we’re heading to race! I’m super excited and I hope little man enjoys it as well. If we time it right, we should be there right as she’s finishing 🙂 Of course, this all depends on what kind of mood Mr. Cheese is in, but I’m hopeful! In other news, I had a stellar run today. I did end up taking the day off yesterday, and enjoyed a date night with the husband that ended very late. We went to the Pacers vs. Wizards game and it went into double over time. It was so much fun, and the Pacers won (!), but we didn’t get home until midnight.

Pre-game last night
Pre-game last night

I still managed to drag myself out of bed this morning and run. I know, right: Who am I? I was feeling a little dehydrated and tired, but after the first mile it was like magic—I felt good. Really good. I ended up doing a progression run. First mile was 10 minutes, then splits were 8:35, 8:25, 8:15, 7:45, 7:20 and a two mile cool down at 8:50 and 9:15. Whew! That was not planned and was just sort of flying by the seat of my pants, but I think part of it had to do with an easy day on Monday followed by a full day off on Tuesday. 1-2 days off is ideal for me, but I often get so worried that something will come up later in the week that I try to take every opportunity to run. And then I end up going like 2 weeks without a day off and I feel like crap. I need to remember to take that day off, and then if something comes up later in the week and I have to take another day off, who cares? Running will always be there. I just forget sometimes 🙂 How many days off a week do you take? Do you get caught up (like me) in seizing the day and end up not taking days off? If you’ve ever been pregnant, did you have trouble getting back into your running or other exercise activities post-birth? Or did you bounce back quickly like my superwoman sister?


7 thoughts on “Getting Back To Running After A Baby

  1. I usually run 5 times a week and try to do a strength day in there too. I’ll typically try to have at least one rest day, but it’s usually an active rest day. I’ll take the dog on an extra long walk, or do some light stretching/easy yoga.

    I’ve never been pregnant, but hope to run during my pregnancy when that day comes :)!

  2. My thyroid troubles makes it hard for me to run 5 days a week. My performance and energy has increased since I dropped back to 4 days of runnings, 1 day for cross training and 2 days of rest. I usually do light yoga everynight regardless though. The human body is an incredible thing! Congrats to your sister!!!

  3. WOW! Your sister is AMAZING!!! As you are too!! I have only been running since age 40 (I am now 43) and I only hope to take on a full marathon at least once!!! I will definitely be following your blog to gain some tips!!! I have just discovered this blogging world a little over a month ago…. and I am loving it!!! If only I wasn’t so tech challenged!! But I am learning!!!! Look forward to reading your future posts!

  4. That is awesome about your sister.! 🙂 wow.I didn’t start running until like a year after I had my daughter.. she was so clingy and breastfeeding..augh I just didn’t want to. oh and she never slept through the night..ever. So I know how hard it can be, totally baffels me that your sister got back into it so well.!
    I feel like I could run 7 days a week without rest.! but I try not to..I’m afraid I’ll get injured again. but usually I like to take at least one day off from running. maybe two if I’m feeling unmotivated.

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