Weekly Running Recap and My Next Race

Wait, I blinked! I need a do-over.
Wait, I blinked! I need a do-over.

Is it really already Monday? The weekend goes by so quickly. I propose that the traditional workweek be changed to Saturday – Sunday and then Monday – Friday would be the “weekend.” Why hasn’t anyone thought of this? #genius

Anyway here’s how my running week wrapped up:

Monday – 2.5 miles AM

Tuesday – OFF

Wednesday – 8 miles AM

Thursday – 5.5 miles AM

Friday – 10 miles AM

Saturday – 5 miles during naptime

Sunday – 8 miles during naptime


Not too shabby
Not too shabby

39 miles – right where I like to be. The week started off pretty low on mileage, but I’m happy I was able to squeeze in a couple of 8s and a 10-miler. Especially since this happened:


Wooohooo, finally something to look forward to!
Wooohooo, finally something to look forward to!

I finally committed to a race and actually registered before the deadline. It’s a spring Miracle!

I’ve talked about the Geist Half Marathon before and I’ve been telling people I’m going to do it, but now it’s officially official. The race starts 5 minutes from my house and is one of those not too small, not too big races—my favorite kind of race. It’ll be just low-key enough.

Childcare has already been worked out. I’ll be taking the kiddo over to my fabulous mother-in-law’s house after dinner the Friday night before the race. He’ll stay the night there and I’ll actually get some sleep before the 7 AM race. Post-race I’ll book it back to my in-law’s and pick him up. Overall, I’ll be losing at most an hour in the evening and an hour and a half in the morning with him. Not bad. I’ll make up for the lost time with lots of hugs and kisses. Also, have I told you lately that my in-laws are amazing?

Cutest. Bedhead. Ever.
Cutest. Bedhead. Ever.

With less than 4 weeks to go at this point, I’m going to try to squeeze in a couple 12 milers and possibly a 13 the weekend before. I’m not going to taper hard for this because I haven’t trained hard. I will take it easy in the days leading up to the race.


Running on my treadmill in the garage. Beautiful scenery, eh?
Running on my treadmill in the garage. Beautiful scenery, eh? Also, why do I look so serious? I probably watching the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills 🙂

Goals for this half:

  1. Sub 1:44
  2. PR (sub 1:48:30)

I believe that I am in shape for a sub 1:44. I think. I hope. I had been training for a full marathon and even after quitting, I’ve kept up speedwork once a week and hills as often as I can, so I have some speed. It’s just whether or not I have speed+endurance needed for a half that is the issue. I guess we’ll see. I’ll talk more about my racing strategy before the race, I still need to work it out in my head some more.

Good luck to everyone running the Boston Marathon today! #Bostonstrong!!! I’m sure no one who is running is reading this, because reading my blog probably isn’t anyone’s priority right before a marathon (why not? Haha), but I’ll put the positive vibes out into the running universe anyway. Can’t wait to watch it today!

P.S. My sister finished her 18th marathon on Saturday. The Cheese and I watched her finish and it was super inspiring! More on that later!

Who’s watching Boston today?

I am! I mean, I’ll be working, but you bettah (that’s my attempt at a Boston accent) believe I’ll have it playing in the background!)

Any races coming up? What are your goals?


12 thoughts on “Weekly Running Recap and My Next Race

  1. Awesome week! Glad you have a race to look forward to now. Sounds like you’re in good shape for a new PR and to crush your goals. I’m aiming for about the same. I’ve got my half marathon this upcoming weekend and I’ve been training for a sub-1:45. It’ll be exciting to make it happen!

  2. I know right.!? there needs to be a day between Saturday and Sunday. augh
    Your Half is on the same weekend as mine.! exciting.!!
    and I watched Boston too 🙂

  3. Somehow I missed this post! I am running my first half marathon that Sunday (the 17th)! I’m super nervous… and most of all I don’t really know what to shoot for. I’ve gotten in an 11 mile long run that I did at 9:05 pace, but that’s my longest run so far.

    What pace do you typically do your training runs at? I used a pace calculator to estimate my half marathon time but I just don’t know how much I can really rely on that. Any advice for pacing for a first half marathon?

    1. My training paces typically vary a lot. I do one or two days a week speed training at my goal pace, one long run at about 1-2 minutes per mile slower than goal pace and 3 runs at my natural easy pace (which is somewhere in between race pace and long run pace). I’m certainly not an expert, but for your first half I would shoot for finding a comfortable pace the first few miles and then gradually increasing your speed as the race goes on if you have any gas left in the tank. I hope that helps!!!

      1. Definitely helps! I just want to make sure my long runs aren’t too slow and my shorter runs aren’t too fast. I tend to vary my pace all over… I’m hoping to finish somewhere around 1:50-1:53 and saw you had similar race times. Thanks for the advice!!

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