Getting My Racing Mojo Back

I think I’m getting my racing mojo back. Does anyone say mojo anymore? My dorkiness is showing.


Anyway, after watching my sister crush her marathon this weekend, and after watching some of the Boston Marathon yesterday and seeing so much about the race on social media, it’s safe to say that my marathon mojo is BAAACK.

I get like this sometimes, where the thought of racing has me hopping, skipping and leaping through my days. Where I’m actually jittery just thinking about how much fun it’s going to be. I hope that I can keep this excitement going until my next half marathon on May 16th. I’m also hoping I can keep it going all the way through summer training in the oppressive Midwestern humidity for my next full marathon—The Indianapolis Marathon.

I guess that’s how training and racing goes—your excitement ebbs and flows. At least, that’s how it is for me. Sometimes, you’re on top of the world thinking about your next race and then a week later you’re just not that into it. Injuries, training burnout, bad weather, life stress…all of that takes a toll on my racing groove. But I’m definitely getting it back!

Watching all of the racers at the Carmel Marathon definitely gave me chills and reminded me what it’s like to finish a race you’ve trained so hard for and that you’ve given everything during. It took me back to my last race and the emotions I felt. I never would have dreamed before I started racing how emotional running 26.2 miles is. When you’re fighting through the physical pain, it takes so much mental strength to keep going. Once you see that finish line, it all comes out.

Max and I at the race. He's way too cool for me. Also, why are my sunglasses so big?
Max and I at the race. He’s way too cool for me. Also, why are my sunglasses so big?

Watching the marathoners finishing on Saturday, I could feel their emotions. It was amazing to watch. I actually cried—which little man thinks is hilarious. He always cracks up when I cry and says “Momma crying!” So then I was laughing and crying.

Yep, I’m a total sap.

When I caught up with my sister, who ran a 4:30 just 6 months after baby, she was happy, tired and HOT. It was a really warm day, especially for Indianapolis in April. But she killed it, of course. My sister has amazing mental strength. She’s an Ironman as well as a marathoner. So yeah, she’s awesome.

My sis and her husband post-race.
My sis and her husband post-race.

Anyway, I’m definitely going to try to ride this high through the next few weeks until my next race. Geist Half Marathon – I’m coming for ya!

Is it emotional for you to watch others race, or am I the only one?

Does your training excitement ebb and flow? How do get excited again when you’re faltering?


16 thoughts on “Getting My Racing Mojo Back

  1. Mine definitely ebbs and flows! I think that’s normal. I usually need to take a serious break after an intense training cycle or I get major burnout. It’s always so fun though when the excitement returns and you get so pumped for your race!

  2. I so get emotional during other people’s races also.! Just watching the Boston Marathon, or watching my sister when she used to got to me every time. I can’t imagine how I’ll be if my daughter decides to run.!
    My training excitement is always up and down..what did I post like a week ago, something about feeling unmotivated, and than this past week I loved every run. haha. I am so bipolar about running sometimes.
    Can’t wait to see how your half marathon goes.! I’m sure you’re going to do awesome.!

  3. I think that mojo is a perfectly acceptable word to use!
    Running is so emotional, you can’t help but get emotional watching a marathon. I don’t think it’s normal not to get emotional. I have to avoid watching too many marathons in case I get the urge to enter one again!

  4. My training excitement definitely comes and goes. Usually the winter and summer make it hard to maintain motivation and about halfway through a marathon training cycle I tend to get a little overwhelmed and experience a few days of ‘why did I do this again?’ haha. But having goals for all the little in-between races and training runs helps me out alot! I’m so glad the Boston Marathon got you excited for your next race!!

  5. I’m not typically an emotional person but I do get emotional about racing… I think because there is so much build up and work put into it, so there are a flood of emotions when you are done or when you think about that moment crossing the finish line.

  6. I’m glad to hear everyone else has an ebb and flow running relationship too. My ebbs mainly have to do with grad school, which I should be working on instead of reading running blogs but yours is so good! 🙂 I’m obsessed with running so reading about it is the next best thing! I don’t get emotional at my own races but I do get emotional watching other people race, like I’m nervous for them, happy, sad, excited, everything! I feel like I need a break after just watching other people race!

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