Dustin’ Off The Jogging Stroller

We’ve already gone on a couple jogging stroller runs this year, but this week has seen the return of nightly trips out. Tuesday and Wednesday evening Max actually asked me if we could go running. Um, YES!!! 

I had my clothes and watch on before little dude could even blink.

I’m loving that he’s enjoying the jogging stroller time. It means that I can get doubles in without having to run at 10 PM. Or if I do run at 10 PM, I’ve already done 2-3 miles with the little man in the stroller, so I can do a shorty on the ‘mill and it adds up to 6 or 7 miles. Win-win.

Action shot!
Action shot!

Tuesday, my only run was 2 miles with Max in the evening, but yesterday I did 7 in the morning, and then did 2 with Max for a total of 9 miles. And I actually went to bed at a decent time. Nice weather and later sunsets are definitely a game-changer for this mom!

Stop and take a #selfie!
Stop and take a #selfie!

Little dude does have ulterior motives for running with mommy. He likes when we run to the end of the street, where they’ve been doing construction for approximately 9 billion years, give or take a year. There’s construction equipment everywhere and he’ll just stare at everything, mesmerized. It’s pretty darn cute.

Anyway, it’s been a solid running week so far, thanks to the jogging stroller, a cooperative little dude and nice weather.

Monday- 5 miles (#runch!)

Tuesday – 2 miles PM

Wednesday – 7 miles AM, 2 miles PM

Thursday – 3.5 miles AM, PM – ?

I haven’t done any speedwork. I did do some hills on Monday, but I’ve been sore and just plain tired lately. I got the medieval torture device known as the Ab Carver Pro this weekend, and my abs have been on fire ever since.

This is my husband trying it out...just kidding. It's some hot male fitness model.
This is my husband trying it out…just kidding. It’s some hot male fitness model.

I’ve also been doing tons of squats, push-ups, lunges, etc. which is good for me in the long run, but leaves me super tired. Plus, my arms are NOT jogging stroller ready. Pushing my almost 30-pound child is quite the feat for these chicken arms.

Arms courtesy of never lifting weights. Also, you're welcome for the public bathroom selfie.
Arms courtesy of never lifting weights. Also, you’re welcome for the public bathroom selfie.

On the subject of stroller running, if you are a jogging stroller mom or dad, don’t forget that National Stroller Running Day is May 31st (#StrollerRun15)! It was started by the amazing Moms Little Running Buddy and you can read more about it here.

You better believe I’ll be participating, will you? If you’re in the Indy area, I’m hoping to get a group together so shoot me a message (MotherhoodAndMarathons@gmail.com) if you’re interested!

Unrelated Maxaroni and Cheese picture. Yes, we call him that.
Unrelated Maxaroni and Cheese picture. Yes, we call him that

Happy running!

Do you run with a jogging stroller?

Do you ever run doubles (with or without a stroller)

I use doubles as a great training tool. I’ll leave the scienc-y explanation to the smarties in this Runner’s World Article, but basically, they’re good for you.


22 thoughts on “Dustin’ Off The Jogging Stroller

  1. So awesome.! I’ve thought about buying a jogging stroller before, but she never really liked strollers in the first place, and didn’t know how much I would actually use it.. so I never got around to buying one. but I still can’t shake the idea of how much I would love it. Two of my favorites together, running and my daughter,! 😀 Till how old can you use a jogging stroller.?
    and I’ve never tried doubles either.! good idea though. hmm

    1. Max never really liked strollers either, which is why I was so surprised that he liked the jogging stroller. I borrowed one from a friend first to try it out, so I knew he liked it before I bought one. Maybe you could try that? Or buy one from Craigslist super cheap and see if she likes it?

      I’m not sure how old is too old for a jogging stroller. I’m guessing by the time he’s 3 he won’t be into it, but I’ve read blogs of people who run with their kids until they’re 4 or older. There’s no way Max will make it that long! Even now, he has to be in kind of a sleepy mood to want to go. If it’s like the middle of the day there’s no way he wants to ride in the stroller. But right before nap and in the evenings he actually wants to go.

      I love doubles with or without a jogging stroller. I don’t always have an hour or whatever to get a full run in, so I’ll do half of my run in the morning and half in the evening. It works for me! Haha sorry my response has been sooo long.

      1. Oh no thank you.! very helpful response 🙂 that’s a great idea. trying a friends or craigslist first. Darn, too bad I waited so long.. My little one is 2 and a couple months. But I would have totally loved a pic of me running with my little girl. haha.

  2. That’s great that your son likes the jog stroller! I’ve never done doubles (or jog stroller) but I want to try doubles once marathon training gets started. It sounds like a great way to get your total mileage in. The closest I’ve done is 10 late at night and 10 early the next morning when I had to do a 20 but husband’s work schedule wasn’t allowing for the time to do all at once. It actually felt pretty good.

    1. Doubles are great for marathon training! At least, I’ve had success with them. It’s especially helpful to do a speed workout in the morning and then easy run in the evening. You’re training your body to run on tired legs 🙂

  3. That’s so cute that he likes to run with you. I mean, I’d love to take a ride in a jogging stroller. I’ve tried doing that ab wheel thing at the gym and I pretty much end up face planting on the mat every time. That thing is serious!!

  4. I’m impressed that you run with a jogging stroller….I didn’t start running until my youngest of 3 kids with five years old….but boy, would I have been a better and more energized mother if I had been a runner then…you are way ahead of the game! Good for you!

  5. I had a running buddy with a daughter a few years back and we would alternate pushing the jogging stroller. That is a serious workout. I noticed that my arms and calves would usually be sore after a stroller run. It was hard but fun at the same time. Plus Baby G was adorable. 🙂 I kind of miss it. I’ve run doubles before, actually this was my first training cycle that I didn’t. I am thinking about bringing them back as the weather hits 100+ out here.

    And your son is adorable!

  6. My buddy Pete and I used to take our daughters running every Saturday (two of his, two of mine, both sets within weeks in age of each other – they’re best friends now – my daughters and his daughters) in double-strollers. Our wives appreciated that time immensely, we got a better run workout and the girls got to hang out with their friends. It was a win all the way around.

  7. Aw, your little dude is too cool! That’s awesome that he wants to go running with you 😀 I haven’t done any run doubles recently but I’ve done them a few times before and always makes me feel so tough!
    As for that Ab Carver – I bet it works wonders!! I’m considering getting one because I’m getting sick of crunches (and variations of crunches)!

  8. It’s been almost a year since I’ve done any stroller running. I sold my jogging stroller last summer so that’s the main reason. Plus, I need double one and the thought of pushing (42 pounds + 29 pounds) isn’t something I’m too keen on 😉

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