Triple Header


I woke up today with a running hangover. Yes, that is a thing. I’m not sore, my legs just feel tired, heavy and sluggish. And they keep asking me, “what did we do last night?”

oh yeah, we did this. after a double.

I ran three times yesterday. This was not intentional. I ran an easy 4-miler in the morning. I felt tired and my Garmin was jacked up and telling me all kind of crazy paces and saying I had run 1 mile when I knew I had only gone about .75. It was annoying, to say the least, but it was a beautiful morning and I was happy to be out.

I worked from home. At nap time for Max, my husband told me to leave. Haha – in a nice way. Max was really wound up and just wanted to play with mommy. We figured if I left for awhile he would settle down and sleep. (Spoiler alert: He didn’t nap. At all. All the parents out there are shuddering at the thought of a almost 2-year-old without sleep.)


I did a quick 4 miles in 30-minutes and it felt pretty good. When I came home, Max was still up. He didn’t nap at all. He usually sleeps for 2-3 hours. Eek – not good. A toddler with no nap is a scary, scary thing.

Needless to say, he was pretty tough last night. Very demanding, very whiny, still very cute, though. I had to have a lot of patience and chocolate and peanut butter to get through our evening alone πŸ™‚ 

old picture, but pretty much sums up how last night went.

Around 7:15, he asked me to go running. And by ask I mean he screamed “running with mommy!” Over and over again. Haha my legs were shot already, but this was one battle I didn’t want to fight. I figured I’d do an easy walk/jog.

We set out at an easy pace and he kept telling me to go faster. He’s a tough running coach, I tell ya. But he fell silent after about a mile and a half. At the 2 mile marker I peeked and he was asleep. Hallelujah!! Birds sang, the sun shined. Haha, but seriously when you know your kid needs sleep and they’ve been fighting it all day, it feels like a miracle when they finally fall asleep. 

passed out

I jogged home, managed to get him out of the car seat and into his crib without him stirring. He didn’t wake up until 7 this morning! He’s one happy, well-rested kid today!

But yeah, my legs are SHOT. It definitely feels like I did a lot more than 10ish miles yesterday. Maybe because of how the runs were spread out, with a fast-ish run in the middle and a jogging stroller run in the evening? 

We have a busy weekend ahead. Today we’re going to the zoo, or the “place where animals live” as Max calls it.

Then we need to prep for Max’s little birthday party tomorrow. I can’t believe my guy will be 2 on May 7th! We’re doing just a small family party at our house tomorrow. Last year I did a bigger party that was all themed out and it was exhausting. Pinterest mom, I am not.

Have a great weekend!

What are you up to this weekend?

Ever ran a triple? 

Are you Pinterest-y? Can you make Pinterest crafts or recipes without an epic fail?

No, I am many things, but crafty is not one of them. Or a pretty/fancy/creative cook. Or organized.


12 thoughts on “Triple Header

  1. I’ve ridden doubles (50 miles then 16 more with my wife) but I’ve never even contemplated RUNNING doubles! Oh, and I also used to ride 12 to the running club, run 7 and then ride the long way home another 18. Used to do that every Saturday.

  2. I’m not pintresty at all either… I don’t even have pintrest, haha. I’ve never run a triple, but I think if my kid was screaming to go for a run, I would! I love your coping mechanism of chocolate and PB… those would be my choice, too πŸ™‚

  3. Oh my 2 year old hasn’t consistently napped in over 7 months. We are lucky if she naps twice a week!!!! She sleeps so much better at night if she doesn’t take a nap.
    I loved that he asked to go for a run…sounds like it was just what he needed!

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