Two Years Old

Sorry, no running talk today because it’s a special day—Little man is 2 years old!!! I can’t believe how quickly the years have gone by.


getting to know eachother, May 7, 2013


I can’t even begin to describe how lucky I feel to be his mom. He is so smart and funny and perceptive. It is amazing to watch him grow and become a little boy with his own personality. Everyday with him is such a gift, and I try to seize it and enjoy it. Even when he’s throwing a temper tantrum 🙂

A few of Max’s favorite things:

Cars and trucks – specifically Cars from the Disney Cars Movie


Jelly Beans and M&Ms (He calls them “nims”)

His “Gawk” (blanket) he has called it that since he first started talking. He will tell you it’s called a blanket if you ask him what the real name is 🙂


Books – he often tells me he’s reading as he flips through a book


Peanut Butter

Counting—he points to everything and counts, sometimes he gets the numbers right and sometimes he gets ‘em all mixed up (1, 5, 9, 3… ) 🙂

Letters—he has magnetic letters on the refrigerator and foam letters in the bath that he is slightly obsessed with. He knows them all, but definitely not in alphabetical order!

His Daddy – this boy is so lucky to have such a great dad. Andy works full-time nights and weekends, but spends all day playing with Max. They are BFFs

Super Why—his favorite show ever

Stacking blankets and pillows and climbing them

My big strong boy amazes me everyday. I love to run, but this guy trumps running any day. Duh!

Throwback to his first birthday, when he dove head first into the cake! I can’t believe this was a year ago…


 The weeklong celebration of our Maxaroni and Cheese continues tomorrow. Any suggestions on things we should do tomorrow (I’m not working- yay!)?


21 thoughts on “Two Years Old

  1. What a sweet little boy! It’s kind of a running post though because I always think our families are why we run and stay in shape. 🙂 My friends up north are taking their kids to pick strawberries this weekend and I thought that was a wonderful idea. In Florida it’s not yet season. Not sure where you live but maybe something like that would be fun?

  2. Happy birthday precious boy!!! He’s unbelievably adorable and looks like such a happy boy. And he’s so lucky to have such a loving mommy 🙂

    Max and I have a lot in common… Cars is one of my favorite movies, I still sleep with a blankie, I love peanut butter, cuddling, and cake to the face. And I swear we have the same stuffed giraffe (my giraffe’s name is Pumper). Only problem is I’m 23 years older than him, but age is just a number!!

  3. Great pics and read. Enjoy the moment. I had a two year old once and she graduates high school this Tuesday. They really DO grow up face. Buckle up and enjoy him. It will be a fast yet memorable journey for the two of you.

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