Don’t you forget about me…

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…but I’m sure you already have 🙂 I would have forgotten about this little blog by now, too.

It’s been like 3 months since I last blogged. I know. I know. I’m not the best at consistency in blogging.

I am great at consistency when it comes to eating too much candy (I do that on the regular), not folding laundry and (SHOCKER) getting up early and running.

I’ve talked about my struggle to become a morning runner before. Turns out, all I needed was absolutely no other option to force me out of bed. OK, that’s an exaggeration. I do have other options besides rising at the crack of dawn when it comes to running, but they are far less appealing.

Lunchtime runs are a challenge these days because it’s soooo humid that I pretty much have to take a shower post run or I’m wet and way too stinky for work. So NOT profesh. Does it make me sound more professional that I shortened the word to profesh? I thought so.

So those runs are pretty much out until fall. If you recall—which I’m sure you don’t because who cares?—I used to run after Max went to bed. Now Max has been pushing bedtime to 9:30 ish and that means I’m running until after 11. No bueno.


Max is way too cool to sleep
Max is way too cool to sleep

So this marathon training has been all about getting up early…and I’m starting to like it. And there it is, I said it, the “M” word. Yes, I’m mere 8 weeks from the starting line of the Indianapolis Marathon on October 17. How the heck did that happen?

Since you’ve missed oh, 8 weeks of training, I won’t bore you with a breakdown of every single week. But the basics of my training are this:

Monday: Off or easy, short run

Tuesday: Tempo 

Wednesday: Easy run w/ 200m repeats at the end

Thursday: Hills or workout (4 miles marathon pace, 4 miles half marathon pace)

Friday: Easy run 

Saturday: Long run – every other long run I do a progression and try to end my last mile at or faster than marathon pace

Sunday: Off or Easy run 

A recent run that was supposed to be a tempo, but turned into a progression. These are my splits from Strava - which I'm starting to love a little bit. I use it along with my Garmin, and when my Garmin is dead. At what point does a caption become too long? Right now? OK. I'm done.
A recent run that was supposed to be a tempo, but turned into a progression (with a cool down). These are my splits from Strava – which I’m starting to love a little bit. I use it along with my Garmin, and when my Garmin is dead. At what point does a caption become too long? Right now? OK. I’m done.

Sometimes I have to adjust the schedule, like the week we went on vacation I did my long run on Thursday. Every 2-3 weeks I take a break from long runs. I know most people do 3 weeks on and 1 week off, but I’ve found that my body needs a bit more of a break. It worked for me last year, fingers crossed it does this year, too.

I’ve worked up to 20 miles, which I did 2 weeks ago, and the goal is to do 3 more 20 milers. This week, my planned long run is 18 (last week was off) and I’ll shoot to do 10 miles easy with 6 miles at tempo, followed by 2 at marathon goal pace.

So, yeah that was a lot of talk about me, me, me and my training. I suppose I’ll talk more some other time about my paces and how freaking hard goal marathon pace (8:07) still feels sometimes. Instead, here’s some pics of my favorite person ever, because that’s why you’re here, right?

When I ask him to smile for the camera he makes this face :)
When I ask him to smile for the camera he makes this face 🙂
State Fair fun
State Fair fun

How has your summer been? Anyone training for a race? I’m out of the loop, fill me in!!!


24 thoughts on “Don’t you forget about me…

  1. Funny – This post popped up JUST AFTER I opened wordpress! I’d been wondering where you got to. Looks like you’re doing great with your training! I’m an early morning runner these days too. Summer days and evenings are just way too hot where I am for training. But I like running in the morning better than during the day anyway. It’s quieter and I get to watch the sunrise! 🙂

  2. Welcome back!! I did wonder where you went! Glad to hear you’ve been keeping up with everything and are marathon training! 4 20-milers sounds like a lot and you will be more than prepared for the distance doing that. I would caution though, if you do feel like you’re ever getting burned out, you can definitely take out one of those 20-milers with no issues whatsoever – don’t feel guilty if you need a break! But sounds awesome 🙂 You’re pretty badass! I’m marathon training now too (Oct. 11th is the big day!), but I’ve been really flexible with myself this time around because I’m getting tired of doing marathon after marathon.

    1. Thank you!! Can you believe my crazy self used to do 5 20 milers? Definitely not necessary or worth it. I’ll pay close attention to how I’m feeling, because you’re right, 3 20-milers is plenty! Woohoo you’re only 7 weeks away from your race! Good for you – It’s definitely important to stay flexible in your training so you don’t get burned out!

  3. I try to end all my runs with a fast km just to push it a bit. I’ll be running my 4th half marathon that same weekend – good lord…that’s only 8 weeks away – thanks for the reminder, ha ha 😉

  4. Wow, you are working really hard! Sounds like you are going to KILL this marathon! And, welcome back!

    Arg I wish I had your success in becoming an AM runner. Unlike you, though, I don’t really have anything to force me into it which I think is the problem – too easy to procrastinate. It’s kind of surprising to me what a common goal this is – as in, that so many runners weren’t already AM exercisers to begin with. I thought I was one of the only night owls out there!

    Just curious – how did you choose 8:07 as a goal pace? It seems kind of random since it equates to a finish time of just under 3:33. I’m guessing to get a BQ with some cushion?

    1. Thank you!! Oh man, I came up with 8:07 either because of bad math or a bad memory. I did the math like a year ago and I thought 8:07 was what I got, so that’s what I’ve been training at. I seriously just saw on another blog that BQ pace is 8:12 and then I googled it and did the math again. I officially feel like an idiot. But let’s go with the “getting a BQ with some cushion” theory!!

      1. Haha, it’s way better to find out your goal pace was a little too fast than a little too slow. I’ll never forget while running my marathon this Spring, in the early miles a woman approached me (she saw I had pace bands on) and asked if I knew what finish time an 8:40 was. Little did she know that happened to be my own goal pace so I promptly answered “It’s about a 3:47”. And she said, oh cool, that’s my BQ pace and it’s easier than I thought! I didn’t want to say anything but I was thinking…umm…that’s not a BQ pace unless you’re over 45, and there’s no way that woman was a day over 35. In retrospect I wondered if she confused an 8:40 pace with a 3:40 finish time.

        Anyway, having a cushion for your BQ is actually a better strategy anyway, since in recent years you’ve had to qualify by at least a minute to get in

      2. Haha, I totally agree. Oh man, it’s easy to get confused with all these numbers. Yeah, she was probably going for a 3:40. Poor thing! Yeah, I think if I actually want to have a shot at going to Boston, I’m going to need to do better than 3:35. But qualifying will be amazing even if I just squeak by and don’t get to go.

  5. Welcome back! It’s hard enough trying to train for marathons, let alone trying for a really fast time like you are doing, and then taking care of your family and finding time to blog about it! But I for one am so glad to hear more stories from people training for marathons with kids in tow. I just wrote a post about having to do a long run past 11pm because of kid sleep issues and was wondering if this is what everyone had to do too? When I don’t see the other moms writing about their runs I always figure it’s because of kids + family + being so busy just getting the runs in!

    And I’d also like to know why you chose that goal time. Like Hanna said, BQ with cushion? I’m trying for sub 4 right now and it seems pretty much crazy to me half the time.

    1. Thank you!!! I’ve definitely been there with the 11PM running. My long runs this summer have started as early as 3:45 AM. Crazy! But we do what we have to in order to do what we love and have time for families and life!
      I’ve been running the wrong BQ pace 😦 Hanging my head in shame over here. I think I calculated it a long time ago and just was going off of memory – why didn’t I just use the internet? Don’t ask me. I just had it in my head that 8:07 was the pace to get a 3:35. But I’m going to tell everyone from now on that I was just training at that pace to have some cushion 😉

  6. So happy you are back!! I’m with you on the transition to morning running… I just started moving my runs to the morning AND started enjoying them this summer but now I’m injured so my runs are nonexistent. BUT, whenever I am back out there I’ll be up at the crack of dawn with you. Max is still cute as ever!!

    1. Thank you so much! Oh man, switching from evening to morning running was tough and I still sometimes have to do afternoon or evening runs instead. But with this weather and the little guy, mornings are the only way I can guarantee a run!

  7. Hi! Just found your blog. Welcome to morning running! 😉 That’s pretty much the only time I run, or it just doesn’t happen. I whine, and sweat to death, if I have to run any time after 10 am. I’m going to have to get up even earlier now that my kids are going back to school, so I can get them on the bus. But, I’ve just realized that I only have 4 more weeks until my marathon! (eeek!) I was going to complain about my 20 miler this week, but that’s the last hurrah and then I’m going down in mileage, so I better give it my best shot! Good luck on your BQ goal 🙂

  8. Woohoo!! So good to hear from you!!
    I looooooooooooooooooooove morning running – for me, it’s the only way!!! I really hope you learn to love it too!!

    I’m running my 18 half marathon this weekend in Atlanta…and it will be my 9th state (let’s not do the math for how many I still have left!!).

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