Half Marathon: 1:46:39  Geist Half Marathon, May 16, 2015

Marathon: 3:52:11 Indianapolis Monumental Marathon Nov, 1, 2014

Upcoming Races

Indianapolis Marathon October 17, 2015

Past Races


May: Indianapolis 500 Festival Mini Marathon- 1:49:02

October: Nike Women’s Half Marathon San Francisco- 1:53:23 Recap Pt. 1, Recap Pt. 2

November: Indianapolis Monumental Marathon-3:52:11


October: Indianapolis Marathon (Half)- 1:48:22


April: Carmel Marathon (Half)- 2:00:55

September: Indianapolis Women’s Half Marathon: 2:13:37 Running for two! 🙂

October: Indianapolis Marathon (Half): 1:56:04 Running for two! 🙂


October: Indianapolis Marathon-4:15:57

November: Indianapolis Monumental Marathon-4:22:34


October: Indianapolis Marathon-4:19:57

November: Indianapolis Monumental Marathon-4:21:43


October: Indianapolis Marathon: 4:44:09


April: Kentucky Derby Marathon- DNF


Indianapolis Marathon: 4:29


2 thoughts on “Races

  1. Hey there, just stumbled on your blog. love it!! I also dream of running Boston. My PR so far is 3:53 and I need to get below 3:40. here is wishing us both luck 🙂

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